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by Suzanne Kuuskmae, posted by Deb Shaw

Sala Tree Flower, by Suzanne Kuuskmae, © 2012 all rights reserved

Sala Tree Flower, by Suzanne Kuuskmae,

Iris, by Suzanne Kuuskmae, © 2012 all rights reserved
Iris, by Suzanne Kuuskmae, © 2012 all rights reserved

© 2012 all rights reserved

Two botanical paintings by Suzanne Kuuskmae, Iris, and Sala Tree Flower,  were selected for the upcoming Exhibition at the Palos Verdes Art Center at the Peninsula Center, Silver Spur Drive, Palos Verdes. The Gallery is open every day from 9:30 to 4:00 p.m. Selections were made for the Small Treasures Show at the same address and I was thrilled to see that yet another botanical of Hibiscus showing various parts of the flower was selected along with a pastel landscape of Lake Bled, Slovenia. If you get a chance, come on up to see this show that has drawn from a very varied array of art pieces. The reception was held Friday, August 31, from 6 – 8.

Wendy is a well-known botanical artist and master of colored pencil from New York Botanical Gardens, and she will be stopping in Los Angeles on her way to Filoli and Tropical Botanical Garden in Kauai.  She has workshops planned in both those locations.  If there is interest in spending a few days with Wendy, Sue Kuuskmae will start looking for a spot to hold the workshop.  It would be at least a six hour class and would cost in the range of $80 to $100 a day depending on whether or not we could find a low cost (or no cost) place to hold it.  Let Sue know right away if you are interested.  or 310-546-7872

Thanks,  Sue K

by Suzanne Kuuskmae

Suzanne Kuuskmae is the artist of the month at the Artist Studio Store located at the top of Crenshaw Rd. at the Palos Verdes Art Center. Go check it out! Also, there is a small group of budding botanical artists taking a class from Jennifer Seigal as part of the course offerings up at the Center. I (SK) was honored to be asked to speak to the group this past week about the five-step method of doing botanical drawing/painting. You may see some of these students at future BAGSC meetings.

In addition, I wanted all to know that the newly formed Pastel Society of Southern CA will be holding their first pastel showing from April 3 -17 with reception April 9 from 6 -9:00 p.m. at the Creative Arts Center in Manhattan Beach.  Hope some of you can make it to the reception and show.

Rita at JS workshop

By Suzanne Kuuskmae

Arillyn Moran-Lawrence has two landscapes hanging at the Southern California Artists’ Association gallery show from December 5 – 27. The studio is located at 3251 Laguna Canyon Road, Suite F3, in Laguna Beach, CA.

Julie S. Ljubenkov will teach a class entitled, “Eye on Nature” a beginning watercolor class in the San Diego area from January 21 – March 18 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.  If you are interested, call 858-534-3400 or go online for further information.  Julie also reports that her home is now rebuilt and she is living back on her property. Download her newsletter JulieNewsWinterSpring09-10 to read more.

A three-day workshop in colored pencil was held at the home of Margaret Lindsey this past November. The instructor was John Smolko, a well known artist who uses scribbled lines to produce his award-winning paintings. Several BAGSC members were part of the group:  Joan Reeves, Rita Hopper, Sue Kuuskmae, and Morgan Kari. John painted a large portrait during the three days, which was won by Morgan in a drawing that was held on the final day of classes.

john and his scribble lines

John and his scribble lines. © 2009, J. Smolko

portrait JS

Painting done by John Smolko. © 2009, J. Smolko

Sue at JS workshop

Sue working at the John Smolko Workshop.

The newly formed Pastel Society of Southern California is sponsoring a two-day workshop by artist and teacher, Mary Aslin, on February 26 – 27 to be held at the Graphaids in Westchester. Mary hails from Laguna Beach where she has her studio and you can see her art work on her web site. If you are interested in taking part in this workshop, contact Sue Kuuskmae.

I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Party held at Janice Sharp’s house and that the year 2010 is a productive one for all of us.

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