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by Teri Kuwahara and Deb Shaw

BAGSC gathered at the Madrona Marsh Nature Preserve in Torrance for the January meeting to feature the ongoing mural project of BAGSC member Estelle DeRidder.

The interior of the meeting room walls in the Madrona Marsh Interpretive Center have been filled with Estelle’s paintings of the plants, animals and insects found in Marsh. She has spent countless hours capturing each plant in its native environment. The meeting was highlighted by featuring Estelle as our guest speaker, adding her wit and wisdom in starting and continuing this ambitious project. In addition to discussing her process and goals, Estelle also spoke about the challenges of creating such a large work, including determining scale, practical techniques, and interesting visitors (of the human, insect and avian varieties).

Estelle was recently honored by the Cultural Arts Commission in Torrance for her work on this mural. [See BAGSC News blog article about the award here.] The Marsh staff and volunteers from the Friends of the Marsh group were also present to support Estelle, a true indication of how much she is respected and admired. A video was made to highlight Estelle’s mural project for the Cultural Arts Awards ceremony and we were fortunate to view it.   It has now been posted on YouTube so members unable to attend the meeting can enjoy it, and can be found here:

Our sincere thanks go out to Estelle for bringing BAGSC to the attention of Madrona Marsh. Estelle’s mural can be viewed in the Interpretive Center, Tuesday through Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Additional thanks goes to Tracy Drake, Park Services Manager, Community Services Department, City of Torrance; Hilary and Dave Jamieson; and, Lance Hill for his wonderful photographs of the meeting.

The Marsh is located at: 3201 Plaza del Amo, Torrance, CA 90503.

Click on any image below to see larger images in a slide show format with full captions for each photo.

by Deb Shaw

The BAGSC September quarterly meeting will be held on
Saturday, September 23, 2017

at The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, in the Brody Botanical Center Auditorium (downstairs).

Arrive about 9:30 am to chat, settle in and view the BAGSC 20th Anniversary history that was on display at the celebration at the Los Angeles County Arboretum on August 26. The meeting portion of the program will begin promptly at 10 am and will cover upcoming classes, workshops, exhibitions and member news.

Bring your current and latest works and sketchbooks to share. Bring lunch and eat in the Auditorium at the desks or in the Atrium area outside the Auditorium. Feel free to purchase lunch at any of The Huntington’s cafés, although lines can be long during the weekend. Eating is not allowed on The Huntington grounds except in designated areas,

At 12:30 pm, Deborah Shaw will give a presentation entitled “Mushrooms in Djibouti: Protecting Traditional Botanical Art in an Increasingly Digital World.”

This is an important presentation that not only will cover scary horror stories and how to protect your artwork, but also will highlight solutions, tools and resources, and fun apps to try on your tablet or smart phone. Extensive handouts will be given out with resources lists, websites and digital Photoshop recipes to follow at home. Technical jargon will be kept to a minimum, and I haven’t had anyone fall asleep during this lecture yet!

The goal of the presentation is to keep everyone safe on the web AND get everyone prepped for filling out our BAGSC website gallery and creating or refining your own digital presence. Added bonus: get a quick view of the BAGSC website and blog so you can use those resources too!

Do you have a “computer-savvy” helper you prefer to have do the digital work while you paint? (Very smart of you.) Bring them along; there is no charge and all are welcome.

After the presentation, there are lots of things to do. Deb will hang around, answer questions, and take in images for the BAGSC Website Gallery. See the BAGSC exhibition wall upstairs, “Inspired by Latin America.” View the wonderful exhibition in the Florilegium room and then head over to the new, spectacular “Visual Voyages” exhibition in the Boone Gallery at The Huntington. Bring your art supplies and draw/paint Bonsais in preparation for the upcoming exhibition, “Bonsais of The Huntington.”

Have topics for the agenda? Please email Sally Jacobs.

Please RSVP.
We will need to have passes for everyone and want to be sure to have enough handouts. Please email Clara Josephs to let her know you will be attending the meeting. As always, carpooling is encouraged.

This email duplicates some of the information in the Members Only area of the BAGSC website, and will be posted to the blog. A map, parking instructions and details about what to bring if you would like your artwork to be posted to the BAGSC gallery are on the BAGSC website in the Members Only section, on the BAGSC Quarterly Meetings page.

Hope to see you there!

posted by Deb Shaw

Saying "happy trails" to Melanie; photo © Gayle Uyehara, 2017.

The BAGSC meeting and workshop took place in Gilly’s beautiful studio; photo © Gayle Uyehara, 2017.

The April 2 BAGSC quarterly meeting was held at Gilly Shaeffer’s home and we appreciate her warm hospitality. The meeting served as a farewell to Melanie Campbell-Carter who has since moved to Tucson. She will be missed by all of us at BAGSC for her enthusiasm, outstanding art work, dedication to the organization and outreach to all she met. Cristina Baltayian made an imaginative “Happy Trails” cake complete with cactus trim to speed her on her way.

Cristina Batalyian created a delicious chocolate cake succulent garden as a bon voyage for Melanie. Photo by Olga Ryabtsova, © 2017.

Cristina Batalyian created a delicious chocolate cake succulent garden as a bon voyage for Melanie. Photo by Olga Ryabtsova, © 2017.

The Educational portion of the meeting featured a mini class on Metalpoint techniques, led by Janice Sharp. The technique for preparing paper for metalpoint was demonstrated. Each participant was provided with a piece of prepared paper, “sandpaper” film, a thin piece of copper wire and a shell to draw. Everyone produced wonderful metalpoint shell drawings and had a great deal of fun investigating the potential of the technique.

Janice’s handout will be posted to the BAGSC website soon.

Janice demonstrated how to prepare the paper and showed sample metalpoint drawings before members got to work with the materials themselves.  Photo by Olga Ryabtsova, © 2017.

Janice demonstrated how to prepare the paper and showed sample metalpoint drawings before members got to work with the materials themselves. Photo by Olga Ryabtsova, © 2017.

BAGSC members hard at work on their shell drawings in metalpoint. Photo by Olga Ryabtsova, © 2017.

BAGSC members hard at work on their shell drawings in metalpoint. Photo by Olga Ryabtsova, © 2017.

One of the metalpoint drawings created during the workshop. Photo by Olga Ryabtsova, © 2017.

One of the metalpoint drawings created during the workshop. Photo by Olga Ryabtsova, © 2017.

by Clara Josephs and Deb Shaw

BAGSC’s next quarterly meeting will be on April 2, 2017. Information has been posted on BAGSC’s website in the “Member’s Only” section.

Come hear about our scheduled workshops and exhibitions for the year, as well as our celebration of the 20th Anniversary of our founding and the ASBA conference in Northern California. Additionally, Janice Sharp will teach a mini-workshop about metal point. Come learn and practice your technique.

If you would like to participate in the mini metal point workshop, RSVPs must be emailed before March 19 so supplies can be ordered! Questions? Contact BAGSC Program Chair Clara Josephs. Problems logging into the BAGSC website? Contact Deb Shaw.

See you at the meeting!

by Clara Josephs, Beth Stone and Deb Shaw

BAGSC held an information-stuffed quarterly meeting on Sunday, September 11. Workshops were announced, the new BAGSC website was revealed (more about the website in a future article coming soon) and BAGSC member Kathy Morgan demonstrated carbon dust techniques on clayboard.

Kathy was first introduced to carbon dust in a class with Olga Eysymontt and was immediately hooked. Kathy has mastered this unique method of painting known for rich, dark values and flawless transitions.

A few of Kathy's favorite materials: a pad of Dura-lar, Wolff's carbon pencils in four grades of hardness and a stencil cutting kit. Photo by Beth Stone, © 2016.

A few of Kathy’s favorite materials: a pad of Dura-lar, Wolff’s carbon pencils in four grades of hardness and a stencil cutting kit. Photo by Beth Stone, © 2016.

Instead of using an X-acto blade to cut a stencil, Kathy prefers to use a heated stencil cutter on a sheet of Dura-lar, over a piece of tempered glass. She first places her tissue drawing under the glass, then uses a pen to carefully trace the outline(s) on the Duralar. Moving slowly, she then carefully cuts along all the outlines with the heated stencil cutter. She saves both the positive and negative parts of the stencil to use in different stages of her drawing.

Kathy usually adds some temporary registration marks to her drawing surface and her stencil, to make it easier to align the stencil again at a later stage.

Kathy Morgan prefers to use soft cosmetic brushes of various sizes for her carbon dust work. Photo by Beth Stone, © 2016.

Kathy Morgan prefers to use soft cosmetic brushes of various sizes for her carbon dust work. Photo by Beth Stone, © 2016.

She uses four different hardnesses of Wolff’s carbon pencils to get different tonal values, starting with the lightest tone and getting darker as the drawing progresses. She prefers to use cosmetic brushes, always working from the outside edges in. (If you work from the inside towards the outside, you run the risk of creating a hard, dark edge where the stencil begins.)

Kathy uses a metal emery file to create the carbon dust, adding each hardness of dust to its own empty plastic medicine vial. (Yet another use for those empty medicine containers!)

Kathy Morgan answers questions from BAGSC members Carmen Lindsay and Cristina Baltayian. Photo by Beth Stone, © 2016.

Kathy Morgan answers questions from BAGSC members Carmen Lindsay and Cristina Baltayian. Photo by Beth Stone, © 2016.

Details are added with a very sharp carbon pencil in the tonal value she needs. She sprays finished works with a workable fixative.

BAGSC members who could stay after the potluck lunch experimented with the technique with the assortment of fruits and vegetables that Kathy brought as subject matter. Thank you Kathy for a fun and informative presentation.

Kathy Morgan demonstrating drawing a pear. Photo by Clara Josephs, © 2016.

Kathy Morgan demonstrating drawing a pear. Photo by Clara Josephs, © 2016.

BAGSC members Carmen Lindsay and Bonnie Born Ash experiment with carbon dust. Photo by Clara Josephs, © 2016.

BAGSC members Carmen Lindsay and Bonnie Born Ash experiment with carbon dust. Photo by Clara Josephs, © 2016.

by Clara Josephs, posted by Deb Shaw

Be sure it’s on your calendar: BAGSC’s general quarterly meeting is coming up in two weeks, on Sunday, September 11. As usual, BAGSC members will receive this meeting notification in an email blast with directions to the location, at the home of BAGSC’s President.

Join us to see the unveiling of BAGSC’s new website, hear plans for workshops and upcoming exhibitions, and see a demonstration of carbon dust. Coffee will be served at 9:30 a.m. and the business meeting will begin promptly at 10. Bring a lunch item to share. The carbon dust demonstration will follow our potluck lunch.

Carpooling is recommended. In addition to your lunch contribution, bring any painting you are working to show or to receive help from our members.  Questions? Contact Pat Mark or Clara Josephs.

Looking forward to seeing you on September 11, at 9:30 a.m!

By Clara Josephs

The June 4 BAGSC quarterly meeting is approaching! We will meet at 9:45 am at the San Marino home of BAGSC member Cordelia for a tour of her unique and amazing garden. The tour should last about an hour. Please RSVP to Alyse, our secretary. She will send you additional details about the day.

After the tour we will travel to the Los Angeles Arboretum for the business portion of our meeting. We will meet under the library, down the ramp, in the Bamboo Room. We plan to start the meeting no later than 12 noon. Please bring a sack lunch and drink. Food is available at the Peacock Cafe, however, lines can be long on the weekend.

Your tour of Cordelia’s garden will be greatly enhanced by reading her article that explains the inspiration for the garden and some of the construction specifics that went into its creation. You should have received a blast email with the article, address and specifics. If not, please email Deb.

The last BAGSC quarterly meeting, with the tour of the UC Riverside Botanic Garden was cancelled due to rain. We have a lot to cover at this meeting. Looking forward to seeing you on June 4!

by Tania Marien, Clara Josephs and Deb Shaw 

The first Guild meeting of the new year will be held at the UC Riverside Botanic Gardens, a 40-acre garden and nature preserve in the Inland Empire. The program and tour has been expanded, and the RSVP deadline has been extended.

These lush 40 acres on the campus of UC Riverside were established as a teaching garden and were originally called the “Life Sciences Experimental Area”. Today the 52-year old garden is open to the public everyday except holidays.

The Guild’s meeting on Sunday, March 6, 2016 includes a tour of the Garden and an opportunity to learn more about trees in preparation for Out of the Woods: Celebrating Trees in Public Gardens, The Third New York Botanical Garden Triennial.

Tour (Part I) and Quarterly Meeting

The first BAGSC garden tour will occur before the meeting, and will cover the history of the garden and explore the formal parts of this little known gem.

Guild members should gather at the Garden’s entrance at 9:45 a.m. The garden tour will begin promptly at 10 a.m. Guild members should wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a hat, water and sunscreen. Cost is $8.00/person, payable at the meeting. Parking is additional (see below) and carpooling is encouraged (see below for that information too!). Guests, family and friends are welcome!

The business portion of the meeting will be held in the conference room from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Lunch will be eaten during the meeting. Please bring a sack lunch.

Tour (Part II)

After the BAGSC meeting and lunch, enjoy an optional, additional tour of the Garden from 1pm – 2pm. While you may be accustomed to visiting other botanical gardens, be prepared to explore the botanic gardens at UCR in the “Part II” tour. Hilly terrain and footpaths promise to turn your visit into an expedition. See additional tree specimens and parts of the garden that the casual visitor will miss. Don’t feel like going on an expedition? Bring your sketchbook and camera and spend the afternoon recording your finds.

What can you do at UCRBG?

Here are some suggestions… [click a photo to see a larger image and captions]

Directions, reservations, and other nitty-gritty information

RSVP: To reserve a spot on the Garden tour and to RSVP for the Guild meeting, please contact Tania Marien by February 19, 2016. Won’t be able to commit until the last minute? Never fear! We will be reserving a few additional spots for those who discover they can come at the last minute. Please let Tania Marien know, however, as soon as possible.

Directions and parking: To help you navigate your way through campus, here are written directions:

  1. From L.A. or Orange County:
  2. Take the 60 Freeway east.
  3. Exit at Martin Luther King Blvd.
  4. Turn right at the end of the off-ramp.
  5. Turn right at first stoplight (Canyon Crest Drive).
  6. Enter campus and continue to West Campus Drive.
  7. Turn right on West Campus Drive.
  8. Follow West Campus Drive past Entomology, the Herbarium and the greenhouses. The road descends as it passes the greenhouses. The bottom of the hill is Botanic Garden Drive. Turn right at the stop sign onto Botanic Garden Drive.
  9. You will see Lot 10 on your right. Parking here is limited to 2 hours ($1.25/hr on weekends). You do not want to park here if you will be at the Garden all day.
  10. To park in the UCRBG parking lot, look beyond Lot 10 and you will see Botanic Garden Drive continue up a gradual hill to your right. Follow this road to the Garden. If space is available, park in the Garden’s lot. Purchase a permit at the permit dispenser located just inside the main gate. Parking in this lot costs .25¢ per hour.

If parking in the Garden’s lot is full, do this:

  1. Drive down Botanic Garden Drive. At the bottom of this short road, turn right.
  2. Park in Lot 13. Look for Tania’s white Suburban.
  3. It will have on it a large magnetic sign from the WWW Symposium. Once again, look for Asuka’s tomato. This way you will know you are in the correct parking lot.
  4. Purchase a permit at the permit dispenser. Parking in Lot 13 is $5.50/day on weekends.
  5. Walk back to the Garden.
  6. For more information about visitor parking and permit dispensers, please go to

Download a color-coded map, supporting the written directions above.

To learn more about the Garden, please see

Attached to this message is a map_UCR_campus supporting the written directions above. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Tania Marien.

Carpooling: We are coordinating carpooling locations to make the drive fun and parking easier.

Pasadena area: There is limited parking available at the LA Arboretum. They are expecting a large crowd later that morning for a rock (not music) show. We can park at the outer edges of the LA Arboretum parking lot, OR we can arrange to meet just south of the Arboretum, in the Westfield mall parking lot.

San Dimas meeting place: Meet at the juncture of the 210 and 57 in the Costco parking lot in San Dimas at 520 N. Lone Hill Ave. An easy meeting spot is near to the Costco gas station.

Orange County meeting area: members should arrive at Clara Josephs’ house in North Tustin in time to depart by 8 am.

Want to set up a carpool location in your area? Join a carpool at one of the locations above? Contact Clara Josephs. If you have room in your car, and will take another member, let Clara know so she can help someone who needs a ride.

We look forward to welcoming you to the UC Riverside Botanic Gardens (UCRBG) on Sunday, March 6, 2016.

by Clara Josephs, posted by Deb Shaw

University of California, Riverside, Botanic Garden. Photo by Tania Marien, © 2015, all rights reserved.

University of California, Riverside, Botanic Garden. Photo by Tania Marien, © 2015, all rights reserved.

Mark your calendars: the first BAGSC Quarterly meeting of 2016 will be Sunday, March 6, 2016, at 9:30 am at the University of California, Riverside Botanic Gardens.

A guided tour of the Gardens begins promptly at 9:45 am.
Sack lunch and quarterly meeting immediately following at 11 in the conference room.
Cost: $8 for tour (payable at the meeting) plus parking fee.

Tania Marien has arranged a guided tour just for BAGSC members of the spectacular botanic garden at UC Riverside. This world renowned garden and research facility has a unique collection of plants and trees from all over the world, including rare and bizarre plants from Baja, California and unique specimens from the Sierra Foothills. Ongoing research projects include the development of dwarf, low winter-chill lilacs and a breeding project focused on developing heat resistance in Cantua (Magic Flower of the Incas).

The tour will last approximately  1-1/4 hours. There is bench seating along the route. Please bring $8 to cover the cost of the guided tour, money for parking, a sack lunch and drink. Our quarterly meeting and lunch will begin at 11. You will want to bring your camera or sketchbook! Plan to arrive in the parking lot by 9:30. Restroom facilities are at the entry to the garden. We plan to begin the tour promptly at 9:45 am.

Carpool meeting locations will be established in various Southern California locations to make travel to Riverside easier. More to come later on carpooling. Please note that parking in lots other than the small lot at the botanic garden is subject to University parking fees. Carpooling is encouraged.

Visit the UCR Botanic Gardens online. You’ll be impressed by what you see!

BAGSC Meeting Dates for 2016

  • March 6
  • June 4
  • September 11
  • December 3

Parking Information for UC Riverside Botanic Gardens
Weekend parking at the botanic gardens is .25¢/hour. Parking is limited. Weekend parking in UCR Lot 10 is $1.25/hour, 2-hour maximum.

by Clara Josephs and Deb Shaw

BAGSC members should have received an email blast with the election information and details about the BAGSC annual holiday party and annual meeting, coming up on December 5, 2015 at Janice’s lovely home. Festivities begin at 5pm. Spouses, family members, and friends are welcome! Please RSVP to Janice’s, and let her know what you will be bringing to add to the groaning table!

Results of the election of board members and known workshops and exhibitions for next year will be announced during the brief business portion of the evening. Please carpool if possible.

BAGSC fund-raiser

As usual, we will be having a silent auction to raise money for BAGSC and the wonderful events on the horizon for next year. Bring extra books, catalogues, art supplies and other fun or silly items you think BAGSC members might enjoy bidding on and taking home.

Email Kat, with what you would like to bring, so we can have the correct number of forms on hand. If you want to list your item(s) and a base value to start the bidding, that’s fine too, but not required. If you find items at the last minute, go ahead and bring those too. We’ll have some extra forms available for those last minute discoveries as we’re all cleaning up for the holidays.

Bring your artwork too

We love looking at what everyone has been working on. Bring your artwork to share.

Make it a weekend?

Extend the celebration by staying overnight in Pasadena and avoid driving home in the dark. There’s a lot to do on Sunday in Pasadena:

Where to stay Saturday night?
Don’t want to drive home late?

The Saga Motor Hotel hosted our guests for the Weird, Wild & Wonderful Symposium at The Huntington, and they have a special BASGC rate for Saturday night of $69 for single occupancy, or share a room with a buddy for $76 double occupancy. Rooms are limited. Be sure to ask for the BAGSC rate. Call them at 626 795-0431.

The Westin Hotel—just opposite City Hall—is quoting rates of $159 for a traditional-sized room with king bed. Better rates may be available through Expedia.

The Langham Hotel in San Marino has patio king rooms available for $390 inclusive of tax, which includes breakfast and valet parking.

These rates can change or become unavailable when rooms fill, so it’s best to book as soon as possible.

Why not consider sharing a room with a BAGSC buddy?

Looking forward to seeing everyone on December 5!

by Bonnie Born Ash, posted by Deb Shaw

A group of BAGSC members who live in the Los Angeles/Pasadena area gather on the second Monday of each month from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to draw, paint, and to explore botanical illustration. Known as the Second Monday Artists, we recently agreed to meet more frequently in anticipation of the BAGSC exhibition August 1-9, “Weird, Wild & Wonderful: Botanical Illustrations of Remarkable Plants.”  Our next gatherings will be on the following Mondays:
·      May 11 Norma Sarkin’s home
·      May 25 Janice Sharp’s home

BAGSC members are invited to join us. Car-pooling is encouraged. Bring a current project or begin a new work, pack a portable light if needed, and  remember to bring your own lunch.

Please see your BAGSC roster for addresses, and RSVP to Bonnie Born Ash to let her know you’re coming and to ask any questions. We hope to see you then!

* Deb apologizes for not getting this post up in time for the April 27 gathering! Hope you had a great painting day.

by Deb Shaw

It’s going to be a busy year for BAGSC! Keep your eyes on this BAGSC News Blog and your emails for calendars and updates, as they start coming in at a fast pace.

Here is the BAGSC General Quarterly Meeting schedule for the year:

  • Saturday, February 21: Deb’s place, 9:30 am for coffee, tea and greetings, with the meeting starting promptly at 10 am. This meeting will combine a BAGSC General Meeting with the next BAGSC Volunteer Meeting as the program following the General Meeting. The General Meeting will include important information about upcoming classes, workshops, exhibitions and the Symposium. Please RSVP to Deb with your potluck choice, and bring your ongoing work to share with the group.The Weird, Wild & Wonderful Volunteer Meeting will include committee packets, information, deadlines, forms and letters so we can roll up our sleeves and dig in. It also will include a quick Basecamp presentation to learn how we’ll manage the information for the Symposium, so if you would like to bring your laptop or iPad, feel free (but not required!). If you cannot make this meeting, but still want to volunteer, please let Tania Marien know so we can add you to our lists.
  • Sunday, April 26
  • Saturday, September 12
  • Saturday, December 5, BAGSC Holiday Party (and very short meeting)

An email blast will be sent out before each meeting with locations, directions and more information.

The schedule for BAGSC Weird, Wild & Wonderful Volunteer Meetings will be:

  • Sunday, March 22
  • Saturday, April 18
  • Sunday, May 31
  • Saturday, June 20: the final pre-Symposium meeting
  • Saturday, July 18: send out last-minute announcements via email before Symposium week begins!!
  • Week of July 27: Work with BAGSC Exhibition committee

Posted by Deb Shaw

BAGSC members at the conference are: Beth Stone, Cristina Baltayian, Deborah Friedman, Deborah Shaw, Gayle Uyehara, Lori Vreeke, Melanie Campbell-Carter, Nina Antze, Sally Jacobs, and Terri Munroe. We are going to try to post some photos and updates as we can. I’ll confess, the blog postings aren’t behaving well from my iPad, but we’ll do what we can.

Wednesday evening was the kick-off opening reception for the Small Works exhibition. Gayle Uyehara took a panoramic view of the reception.

Photo by Gayle Uyehara.

Photo by Gayle Uyehara.

The Small Works is one of my favorite exhibitions. It’s wonderful to see the range of art and creativity. This year is no exception. As always, it’s hard to get close to the art at an opening, so I’m glad to get to go back today for a more careful look.

The hotel is within walking distance of the 16th Street Mall, with lots of shops and restaurants, and easy access to the Denver Art Museum. A free shuttle runs the length of the mall. Gayle, Sally, Anita Walsmit Sachs and more friends from the Netherlands, Esmee Winkel and Marianne van der Stee-Kuiper went to dinner at the Tilted Kilt, and reported the people-watching was excellent.

Left to right: Gayle Uyehara, Esmee Winkel, Marianne van der Stee-Kuiper, Sally Jacobs and Anita Walsmit Sachs-Jansen.

Left to right: Gayle Uyehara, Esmee Winkel, Marianne van der Stee-Kuiper, Sally Jacobs and Anita Walsmit Sachs-Jansen.

Sign for theTilted Kilt. Photo by Gayle Uyehara.

Sign for the Tilted Kilt. Photo by Gayle Uyehara.

The 16th Street Mall in Denver at Sunset, photo by Gayle Uyehara, © 2014.

The 16th Street Mall in Denver at Sunset, photo by Gayle Uyehara, © 2014.

by Deb Shaw

The Greenhouse Complex at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Photography © Scott Dressel-Martin

The Greenhouse Complex at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Photography © Scott Dressel-Martin

If you haven’t registered for the 2014 ASBA Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado yet, there’s still time. The last day of registration is September 12, 2014. After the 12th, registration will be closed, and no registrations will be accepted.

The Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists is hosting the ASBA’s 20th Annual Meeting and Conference this year. The Conference will be held at the Westin Denver Downtown. Book your room directly with the Westin (information is on the “Lodging” page). If you would like a roommate, email Marilyn Garber.

The Westin is located one block from the famous 16th Street Mall, and within walking distance of the Denver Art Museum, the American Museum of Western Art – The Anschutz Collection, the Clyfford Still Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, the Molly Brown House Museum, Denver Public Library’s Western History and Genealogy Department, the historic Brown Palace Hotel and shopping destination Larimer Square.

In addition to the three-day core conference, there are pre- and post-conference workshops.  Conference activities will be held at the Westin Hotel and the Denver Botanic Garden.

The ASBA Silent Auction
If you would like to support the ASBA’s “Artist & Education Grants,” publication of The Botanical Artist journal, and ASBA exhibitions, consider donating to the Silent Auction/Market Place to be held the last night of the conference. Money raised during the Silent Auction directly supports these efforts.

The volunteers for the Silent Auction are always on the lookout for unique items with some sort of botanical theme. You can find donation ideas listed in the Request for Donations in the June issue of The Botanical Artist journal. Bidding starts at 50 percent of the value of the item in
the Silent Auction. This year the ASBA is adding a Market Place component for less expensive items. No bidding is required in the Market Place. You want it? Just simply purchase it.

Donation information is required by September 27. Shipped items must be received by October 13. If you’re going to the conference, you may bring your Silent Auction/Market Place items with you.

Donation information may be submitted on the ASBA Web Site Annual Meeting – Denver 2014, or emailed to Lynne Railsback.

If you’re going to Denver…
Please let other BAGSC members know so we can try to coordinate transportation, shuttles, and other activities. Email Deb Shaw, and let her know when you’ll be arriving and leaving.

Need supplies?
If you need to buy supplies before you go, consider going to the ASBA’s “Shop > Sponsors” page first, and clicking on the link to Dick Blick from there. The ASBA will receive a portion of your purchase price.

Some more important information
Denver’s altitude is 5,280 feet, one mile above sea level. While in Denver, drinking plenty of water is the number one way to adjust to the higher altitude. October temperatures average 37 to 65 degrees F.

If you’re planning to leave the conference on Sunday, October 19, please note that there will be a marathon run in the morning and it may be more difficult to get from the hotel to the airport. Various streets will be closed for the run, and you may need to allow extra time.

See information about the conference, instructors, pre- and post-conference workshops, lodging and more on the ASBA website!

by Janice Sharp, Leslie Walker and Deb Shaw

BAGSC members are invited, with their significant others, to join BAGSC for a night of eating, drinking and merrymaking(!) on:
Saturday, December 8th
Janice’s house
5:00 pm – whenever

Janice is sending out a paperless invitation via email (you should have already received it). R.S.V.P to Janice via the paperless invite by December 1st, or via email.

As always, our BAGSC holiday event will be a POTLUCK DINNER. Please indicate if you will bring an appetizer, side dish (to accompany ham and  turkey) or dessert on your R.S.V.P.

We will hold a very brief meeting, and a silent auction of art materials and books (so bring money). If you have something you would like to contribute to the auction, please contact Leslie.

Please also bring any artwork (or any other creative endeavors) you’ve been working on for the past year to show in our “mini-sharing show” again — it was a lot of fun to see everyone’s work last year.

See you there!

March 2023

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