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by Leslie Walker and Bonnie Born Ash, posted by Deb Shaw

The next BAGSC Quarterly Meeting will be on Saturday, August 25 at Pat’s home. Please join us for the meeting and special program that follows. Members are encouraged to form car pools!

Coffee will be ready at 9:30 a.m. and the meeting begins promptly at 10:00 a.m. There will be updates on our exhibition at Chapman University as well as news of upcoming classes. Lunch will be potluck style, so please let Pat or Leslie know what you are bringing. You are encouraged to bring your latest work to share – we’re always interested to see what everyone is working on!

RSVP to Pat or to Leslie by August 20. Directions will be sent out via email blast. We hope to see you on August 25!

Coffee at 9:30

I. President’s Report – Leslie Walker

  • Rancho Los Alamitos, May 30 Sales Visit

II. Secretary’s Report – Bonnie Ash

III. Treasurer’s Report – Janice Sharp

IV. Membership Report – Joan Keesey

V. Old Business

  • Chapman University Exhibition
  • Margaret Best Class
  • Akiko Enokido Farewell Party
  • Fabriano 5 Paper for Sale!!!

VI. New Business

  • Anita Walsmit Sachs Class: October 12, 13, 14, “Scientific Drawing in Pen and Watercolor”
  • Nominating Committee for Election of Vice President and Secretary


  • Deb Shaw: Demonstration and mini-Workshop on water-soluble graphite techniques (Note: Please bring any old/inexpensive brushes you may have that you are willing to ‘sacrifice’ to graphite. Deb will bring other supplies.)
  • Estelle DeRidder: Sketching and development drawings.

Open Session for Members to share recent work, new techniques, etc.

Potluck lunch.

See you there!

by Deb Shaw

Two important dates for your calendars!

1) The next BAGCS meeting will be at Pat’s on Saturday, August 25. Agenda, mini-workshop/demo topic and directions to come soon.

2) Anita Walsmit Sachs will be coming from the Netherlands to teach a BAGSC-sponsored class October 11, 12 and 13. Details and cost to come. Be sure to come to this exciting class.

by Bonnie Born Ash and Leslie Walker, posted by Deb Shaw

Join us for the BAGSC General Quarterly Meeting,
Saturday, May 19, 2012
10:00 a.m., at Cristina’s home


Coffee at 9:30

I.  President’s Report – Leslie Walker

II.  Secretary’s Report – Bonnie Born Ash

III.  Treasurer’s Report – Janice Sharp

IV.  Membership Report – Joan Keesey

V.  Old Business

  • Field Trip to Lotusland, April 28
  • L. A. Arboretum “GROW! A Garden Festival” May 4-6

VI.  New Business

  • Classes for 2012
  • Chapman University Exhibition  – Drought Tolerant Plants

VII. Program

  • Estelle DeRidder – British Society of Botanical Artists Diploma Course
  • Lori Vreeke – Ann Swan colored pencil class in Dedham, England
  • Bring your work to show

Potluck Lunch

An email blast will be sent out with directions. Please RSVP to Cristina. See you there!!

by Bonnie Born Ash and Leslie Walker, posted by Deb Shaw

Join us on Saturday, March 3, 2012 for the quarterly BAGSC Meeting at Deb’s house.


Coffee at 9:30 am, Meeting begins promptly at 10:00 am.

I.    President’s Report

  • 2012 Quarterly Meeting Dates – May 19, August 25, December 8
  • Members’ Survey Results

II.   Secretary’s Report

III.  Treasurer’s Report

IV.  Membership Report

V.   Old Business

VI. New Business

  • Classes for 2012
  • L. A. Arboretum “GROW! A Garden Festival”: May 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Field Trip to Lotusland: April 28
  • Chapman University Exhibition

Program:  “What makes a plant drought-tolerant?” Presentation, discussion of plant subjects suitable for the Chapman University Exhibition, where to find specimens and handouts.

Potluck Lunch

Be sure to bring your current work to share and RSVP with what you’re bringing to the potluck to Deb. See you there!

by Bonnie Born Ash, posted by Deb Shaw

The following are the scheduled meeting dates for our BAGSC Quarterly Meetings for 2012. Agendas with programs will be sent out before each meeting. If you have items to put on the agenda, please contact Leslie. A detailed email blast will be sent out to all members with addresses, links to maps and RSVP phone numbers before each meeting. Of course each meeting will also have our usual pot luck contributions and showing of what we’re working on!

March 3, 2012: Deb’s house

May 19, 2012: Pat’s house

August 25, 2012: TBD: Want to volunteer to host a meeting? We have offers, but wanted to throw out the opportunity if a member wanted to host in a place we haven’t been to. Interested? Please contact Leslie.

December 8, 2012: Our annual Holiday Party at Janice’s. Great food, good company, and a mini-show of botanical art and all the different types of work we’re doing.

by Deb Shaw

It’s that time of year again, when we get together to share our art and eat delicious food! Come to the BAGSC Annual Holiday Party at Janice’s house on December 10, 2011, starting at 5 pm. Spouses, significant others, family and friends are all welcome!

Bring all of the creative work you’ve done during the year to share with fellow members — not just limited to botanical art! Last year, in addition to wonderful botanical art, we saw oil paintings, portraits, abstracts, landscapes, pastels, quilts, baskets, jewelry, crafts, and more! We’re a multi-talented group and it’s wonderful to see what everyone is doing.

We’ll also have a survey so members can let the Board know which instructors and classes they would like for next year along with announcements of next year’s officers. For those who can’t attend, surveys for class interest will be sent in an email blast.

Please RSVP by December 1 to Janice, by email or phone, and let her know what you’re bringing to the feast. An email blast will be sent out with more details. See everyone there!

by Deb Shaw

The ASBA New England Chapter and the ASBA put together a fantastic conference! Kudos to them. BAGSC members at the ASBA Annual Meeting & Conference in Boston (actually Newton) were: Deborah Friedman, Joan Keesey, Suz Landay, Pat Mark, Debora Resa, Elaine Searle, Gilly Shaeffer, Deb Shaw, Jennifer Thomson, and Leslie Walker.

Keep your eyes on our blog for articles and pictures from the conference. In the meantime, here are pictures of Elaine Searle and Suz Landay taking turns driving the “Duck” on the “Flavor of Boston” tour.

Suz Landay driving the Duck.

Suz Landay driving the Duck.

Elaine Searle driving the Duck.

Elaine Searle driving the Duck.

by Leslie Walker and Bonnie Born Ash (published by Deb Shaw)

Join us for the BAGSC Quarterly Meeting on
Saturday, September 24, 2011
Home of Alison Denning
Coffee at 9:30 a.m. Meeting begins at 10:00 a.m. sharp!

RSVP by email to Alison (or call her) and let her know what you plan to bring for our usual pot lunch!  Carpooling is recommended!! An email blast will be sent to all members with directions. The email blast will also include instructions for all those wishing to carpool from Hedy Marien’s house.


Coffee at 9:30

I.     President’s Report

II.    Secretary’s Report

III.   Treasurer’s Report

IV.     Membership Report

V.      Old Business

  • Rancho Los Alamitos
  • GNSI Conference in Washington
  • Filoli Classes

VI. New Business

  • Calligraphy Class
  • “The Fruits that Fall or Form in the Fall” with Margaret Best, December 2- 4
  • ASBA Conference in Boston, October 27-29
  • Election of Officers
  • Tania Marien, Art Plantae, now handling ASBA publication distribution and will bring the latest show catalogue – $25

Pat Mark, Clara Josephs, and Deborah Shaw share what they learned at the GNSI Conference and classes at Filoli.

Potluck Lunch

And bring your latest work to show!! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

All members should have received an email blast with an invitation to please join us at Janice’s home to celebrate the holidays — BAGSC-style!

Date: December 11, 2010
Time: 5 pm – Whenever
Place: Janice’s

Significant others are welcome. We will celebrate in our BAGSC potluck fashion; please let Janice know what you will be bringing.

Everyone should also bring something they have made this year so we can have an impromptu BAGSC exhibit. It doesn’t need to be botanical art; we find our members are quite talented and produce all kinds of art, as well as crafts. Please bring something you have made that you would like to share.

We won’t be having a formal meeting, but we will share (in handout form) information about:
• What we’ve done this past year;
• The Treasurer’s report; and,
• What is in the planning stages for next year.

We will also have a suggestion box available. Please bring (or write on cards that will be provided), any suggestions you have that you would like to see implemented in the coming year. If you can’t attend, we’ll miss you, but please send your suggestions to Leslie.

Please join us in eating, drinking and merriment and have a wonderful holiday season!

The next BAGSC Quarterly Meeting will be on Saturday, October 2, 2010, at the home of Pat Mark. Please join us for the meeting and special program that follows. Members are encouraged to form car pools!

Coffee will be ready at 9:30 a.m. and the meeting begins promptly at 10:00 a.m. The Agenda 10-2-10 includes updates on upcoming classes and exhibition opportunities. Lunch will be potluck style, so please let Pat know what you are bringing. We are always interested to see what everyone is working on and you are welcome to bring your latest work to share.

After lunch we will visit Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, a short drive from the meeting. Admission is $8 for adults and $6 for seniors. This is a garden devoted to California native plants, and has a display of the sculpture of Pamela Burgess, a nature based artist.

RSVP to Pat, or phone her by September 30. Directions will be sent out via email blast. We hope to see you on October 2!

Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California
Meeting Saturday, June 5, 2010

At Morgan Kari’s New Studio

All BAGSC members should have received the email blast with the agenda and directions. If you haven’t received the email blast, please contact Deborah Shaw.

Coffee at 9:30

Meeting starts at 10:00 sharp

We’ll cover our usual agenda at the meeting, with reports by board members, new and old business and updates on upcoming classes, etc.

Morgan teaches many kids of art using various mediums and will take us through her design process. She’ll give us her tips for working in various mediums and have a mat-cutting demonstration. At 1:00 we will break for lunch at the Marmalade Café in the Calabasas Commons Shopping Center to eat and view the botanical prints on the walls. We’ll then return to Morgan’s beautiful garden after lunch to sketch.

Be sure to bring your current work to show other members.

See you there!

It was a great BAGSC meeting—watch for additional information to be sent in the minutes and posted to the blog. In the meantime, Joan Keesey and Rita Hopper supplied their recipes. In her email with the recipe, Joan wrote that it was “really interesting hearing about Dick Rauh who is an amazing and inspiring individual, not to mention friendly and accessible as well–a great person to have as the ASBA president. I have attached the salad recipe for the blog along with some notes about the differences between the potato, sweet potato, and yam keeping in the spirit of the class on Plant Morphology that we just took.”

“Botanical Cooking”
by Joan Keesey

Notes on the Sweet Potato with respect to the terrific class on Plant Morphology taught by Dick Rauh.

The sweet potato is neither a potato nor a yam. The sweet potato is the swollen stem tip of the Ipomoea batatas, a member of the morning glory family, CONVOLUACEAE. It is native to northern South America.

The sweet potato and the potato are tubers, stem modifications that swell with stored starch and water and as a stem bears primordial buds, the “eyes,” that generate the stem and roots of the new plant. Potatoes are members of the family, SOLANACEAE, which includes tomatoes, chili, and tobacco, all indigenous to moist, cool regions of Central and South America.

True yams are starchy tubers of tropical plants in the DISCOREACEAE family. The family is related to the grasses and lilies. There are a dozen or so cultivated species of Discorea from Africa, South America and the Pacific. They are seldom seen in mainstream American markets where a “yam” means a sugary orange sweet potato. True yams can grow up to as much as 100 lb.; in the Pacific islands true yams have been honored with their own little houses.

From “On Food and Cooking” by Harold McGee, Scribner, 2004.


Roasted Sweet Potato Salad with Black Beans and Chili Dressing
From the NY Times column, The Minimalist, by Mark Bittman

4 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into 1 inch chunks
1 large red onion, chopped
½ cup olive oil

Heat oven to 400 degrees. Toss sweet potatoes and onions with 2 tablespoons of the oil and spread on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and roast, turning occasionally until potatoes begin to brown on corners and are just tender—about 20-30 minutes. Remove from oven.

1-2 tablespoons of seeded and minced fresh hot chili, like serrano or jalapeno
1 clove of garlic, peeled and minced
Juice of 2 limes
Remaining olive oil

Put chilies, garlic, lime juice and remaining oil in blender or mini food processor. Process until blended.

2 cups cooked or canned black beans
1 red, yellow or green pepper, seeded and finely diced
1 cup of cilantro leaves, whole or chopped

Combine warm vegetables with beans, bell pepper, dressing and cilantro. Adjust seasoning if necessary. Serve warm or at room temperatures or refrigerate for up to a day.


Rita Hopper’s Surprise Salad

(Double recipe for a bundt pan)

1 pkg lemon Jello (small) dissolved in
1C cold water
Juice of 1/2 lemon

Boil together 1/2 cup sugar and 1 cup crushed pineapple. Pour into gelatin and let set until almost jelled. Fold in:
1C whipped cream
1C grated cheddar cheese
1C chopped nuts

Refrigerate until firm.

The BAGSC Quarterly Meeting will be held Saturday, March 20, 2010, at the home of Deb Shaw.

Coffee will be ready at 9:30 a.m. and the meeting begins promptly at 10:00 a.m. Lunch will be potluck style, so please let Deb know what you are bringing. Members are encouraged to form car pools!

The meeting agenda includes updates on upcoming classes and exhibitions, and our keynote speaker will be Dick Rauh, new President of the ASBA, who will talk about upcoming exhibitions, what juries look for in show submissions, and lots of other hot (botanical art) topics. And, of course, we’re always interested to see what everyone is working on, so please bring your latest to show.

RSVP by email or phone to Deb. Directions will be sent out via email blast. We hope to see you on March 20!

BAGSC General Quarterly Meeting

March 20, 2010
10:00 a.m.
Deb Shaw’s Home


I.     Welcome members and guests

II.    President’s Report

III.   Secretary’s Report

IV.    Treasurer’s Report

V.     Membership Report

VI.    Old Business

  • Margaret Best’s “It’s Not Easy Making Green” Class
  • Arboretum Library Show
  • Aerie Art Garden
  • Dick Rauh’s Plant Morphology Class
  • Arboretum Marketplace Booth 2010

VII.    New Business

  • Water Miser Workshop, City of Newport Beach
  • Rancho Los Alamitos, Long Beach
  • Deborah Raven “Classic Illustration Styles of Beatrix Potter”

Program: Dick Rauh, ASBA President

Next Meeting:  Saturday, June 5, Location TBD

by Leslie Walker

Pool of water at the garden

Pool of water at Aerie Art Garden.

On Saturday, February 27, 2010, BAGSC members (and their guests) have been invited to spend the day at a private garden in Palm Desert. The “Aerie Art Garden” is 2.5 acres of cultivated native desert flora on a 20-acre piece of land. On this property can be seen many desert dwellers with legs and wings. We will have free run of the 2.5 acres for the day to wander, sketch, paint or what-have-you. There are shaded areas where we can have our usual potluck lunch, paint, and hang out. The garden also includes art galleries, sculptures and palms.

Blooming cactus

One of the many flowers blooming at Aerie Art Garden.

Bring your cameras, sketching and painting gear along with binoculars, stools or chairs and umbrellas to sit in the garden and draw if that is what interests you. Bring food for a pot-luck lunch and prepare to enjoy the day. The gate will close by noon, so it’s best to arrive early (between 10:00 am and noon). Carpooling is encouraged, of course!

Go to the website to learn more about the place.  The map on the site will lead your way to join us. See you there!

By Leslie Walker

The next meeting will be October 10 at Tania Norris’ house. Nominations are solicited for the offices of President and Treasurer.  The offices are for two years and the person nominated must agree to serve for two years.  All members are encouraged to think about this and should feel free to nominate themselves if willing to serve and give some time to the Guild.

The Agenda and previous meeting’s minutes will be out soon.

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