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by Deb Shaw

BAGSC is scheduling a full four quarterly meetings for 2013 plus the holiday party:

  • February 2, (If “A Day of Art at Roger’s Gardens” is rained out, February 2 will be the alternate date. If that happens, BAGSC members will be notified and the meeting date will be moved — February 3 is a possibility)
  • April 20,
  • June 29,
  • September 15,
  • and the December 7 Holiday Party (no meeting included, just eating, drinking, and enjoying ourselves)

Would you like to host one of the meetings? Please contact Leslie. Also let us know of any workshops or presentations you would like to see at one of the meetings.

Keep your eyes peeled for blog and email announcements of classes, workshops, activities and exhibitions. Next year will start off with a lot happening in January, and lots more to come. It promises to be an exciting year!

by Bonnie Born Ash and Leslie Walker, posted by Deb Shaw

Join us on Saturday, March 3, 2012 for the quarterly BAGSC Meeting at Deb’s house.


Coffee at 9:30 am, Meeting begins promptly at 10:00 am.

I.    President’s Report

  • 2012 Quarterly Meeting Dates – May 19, August 25, December 8
  • Members’ Survey Results

II.   Secretary’s Report

III.  Treasurer’s Report

IV.  Membership Report

V.   Old Business

VI. New Business

  • Classes for 2012
  • L. A. Arboretum “GROW! A Garden Festival”: May 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Field Trip to Lotusland: April 28
  • Chapman University Exhibition

Program:  “What makes a plant drought-tolerant?” Presentation, discussion of plant subjects suitable for the Chapman University Exhibition, where to find specimens and handouts.

Potluck Lunch

Be sure to bring your current work to share and RSVP with what you’re bringing to the potluck to Deb. See you there!

by Bonnie Born Ash, posted by Deb Shaw

The following are the scheduled meeting dates for our BAGSC Quarterly Meetings for 2012. Agendas with programs will be sent out before each meeting. If you have items to put on the agenda, please contact Leslie. A detailed email blast will be sent out to all members with addresses, links to maps and RSVP phone numbers before each meeting. Of course each meeting will also have our usual pot luck contributions and showing of what we’re working on!

March 3, 2012: Deb’s house

May 19, 2012: Pat’s house

August 25, 2012: TBD: Want to volunteer to host a meeting? We have offers, but wanted to throw out the opportunity if a member wanted to host in a place we haven’t been to. Interested? Please contact Leslie.

December 8, 2012: Our annual Holiday Party at Janice’s. Great food, good company, and a mini-show of botanical art and all the different types of work we’re doing.

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