1. Welcome members & guests (Leslie Walker)
2. Secretary’s Report (Tania Marien)
3. Treasurer’s Report (Deborah Shaw)
4. Membership Report (Joann Leonard)


BAGSC Insurance Responsibilities (Deborah Shaw)

ASBA Conference at the Huntington. Oct. 30-Nov.1, 2008 (Tania Marien)
Progress Report Handout
Revised Volunteer Task List Handout
Volunteer Sign-up Sheet

BAGSC Blog (Deborah Shaw & Rocio Martinez)


L.A. Garden Show, May 1-4, 2008 (Tania Marien & Deborah Shaw)
Introduce Marketplace Coordinator, Janice Sharp
Introduce Guild Liason, Kate Gaman

Classes for 2008 (so far)
Margaret Best
Anne-Marie Evans
Jenny Phillips
“After Conference” Classes


Collection for Julie
(Please see blog article at bagscblog.com) Donated art supplies and/or
other items from list on blog.

Portfolio Sharing (All): Bring what you’ve been working on!

Gary Greene Colored Pencil Class Review (Sue Kuuskmae)

Demonstration of Basecamp (for those interested): Project Management
for the ASBA Conference and LA Garden Show (Deborah Shaw)