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Season's Greetings from Elaine Searle

Season's Greetings from Elaine Searle, © 2009 E. Searle

These Sicilian Clementines have a great festive significance as when I was a little girl (a thousand years ago!) my mother used to put these and walnuts into the foot of the stocking of presents we received at the end of our beds on Christmas morning. I guess this will seem strange to all you Californians who grew up with citrus trees all around, but in mid 1950’s Britain they were still a fairly rare commodity!
Wishing you great painting for 2010.


Sally Jacobs will be part of a group show “Best of TAG 2010”, hosted by her co-op gallery, TAG. This will be their first show at the new location at Bergamont Station.

TAG show invitation

TAG Gallery Show Invitation

Opening Reception, Saturday, January 9
5-8 pm
TAG Gallery
Bergamont Station, Gallery D-3
2525 Michigan Avenue
Santa Monica, CA

The show runs from January 5 to January 30.

by Janice Sharp

Home Tour Program and Ticket

Home Tour Program and Ticket

The 42nd Annual Holiday Look In 2009 Home Tour benefiting The Pasadena Symphony Association ran Saturday and Sunday, December 5 and 6 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm each day in Pasadena. The tour was attended by 2,300 people. BAGSC was invited by Jane Herrmann to hang members’ works in her back stairwell (see initial story below in the BAGSC News blog).  Four paintings were sold as a result of the Tour, for a total of just under $3,000.00, including: Gilly Shaeffer’s, Three Hibiscus; Arillyn Moran-Lawrence’s, “White Satin” Still Life of Arum 6 lilies; Cynthia Jackson’s, “Bark”; and Patricia Mark’s, “Persimmon Pair”.

Unfortunately, as sometimes happens in a house built in 1917, a fuse blew and the power was out for a few hours on Sunday. The tour went on without light, but, eventually, the docents at the house were able to set up substitute lamps for the stairwell.

BAGSC Home Tour Catalog: Sample Pages

BAGSC Home Tour Catalog: Sample Pages

For the first time, BAGSC printed a catalog with thumbnail images of the artwork, and contact information for each of the artists. Catalogs were handed out to all of the tour participants, so that they would be reminded of the works they had seen. One painting sold after the tour was over, so the concept appears to be successful. We’ll explore more ideas about printing “take-away” pieces for future exhibitions.

The BAGSC show will remain up through the holiday season at Jane’s house, on exhibit during her holiday gatherings. Jane is very supportive of botanical art, with a wonderful collection throughout her lovely home, including antique and modern botanical paintings, including some Martha Kemp pieces.

Thank you to Jane & Carl Herrmann for opening their home. And best wishes to all for a happy holiday season.

Bamboo, by Gloria Whea-Fun Teng, © 2009

Bamboo, by Gloria Whea-Fun Teng, © 2009

Gloria Whea-Fun Teng will be teaching Chinese Brush Art at the Manhattan Beach Creative Arts Center each Tuesday from January 26, 2010 – March 16. The class will cover the basic tradition of Chinese Brush Art. Students will learn brushstrokes and how to control the brush and water using black ink and watercolor on rice paper. Students will learn to paint the bamboo plant, leaves, flowers and pets. The class costs $112.50 for Manhattan Beach residents and $125.00 for non-residents. Call 310-802-5448 to request the class supply list, or register online.

As posted previously on the blog, Margaret will be teaching at the LA Arboretum, sponsored through BAGSC, January 15 – 17, 2010, (contact Leslie for more information); and at the Virginia Robinson Gardens, sponsored through the Virginia Robinson Gardens, January 19 – 20 (contact Tania for more information). Add one more venue: the Calgary Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Calgary, Canada, where she’ll be lecturing and teaching introductory botanical art (flyer attached: CalgaryZooBotanical Illustration).

Morgan Kari's studio flyer

Morgan Kari's Studio Flyer

Morgan Kari’s studio is complete and open for teaching. She is teaching art workshops for adults in acrylic, oil and watercolor Wednesday mornings, Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings. Contact Morgan for more information or to register.

Rita at JS workshop

By Suzanne Kuuskmae

Arillyn Moran-Lawrence has two landscapes hanging at the Southern California Artists’ Association gallery show from December 5 – 27. The studio is located at 3251 Laguna Canyon Road, Suite F3, in Laguna Beach, CA.

Julie S. Ljubenkov will teach a class entitled, “Eye on Nature” a beginning watercolor class in the San Diego area from January 21 – March 18 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.  If you are interested, call 858-534-3400 or go online for further information.  Julie also reports that her home is now rebuilt and she is living back on her property. Download her newsletter JulieNewsWinterSpring09-10 to read more.

A three-day workshop in colored pencil was held at the home of Margaret Lindsey this past November. The instructor was John Smolko, a well known artist who uses scribbled lines to produce his award-winning paintings. Several BAGSC members were part of the group:  Joan Reeves, Rita Hopper, Sue Kuuskmae, and Morgan Kari. John painted a large portrait during the three days, which was won by Morgan in a drawing that was held on the final day of classes.

john and his scribble lines

John and his scribble lines. © 2009, J. Smolko

portrait JS

Painting done by John Smolko. © 2009, J. Smolko

Sue at JS workshop

Sue working at the John Smolko Workshop.

The newly formed Pastel Society of Southern California is sponsoring a two-day workshop by artist and teacher, Mary Aslin, on February 26 – 27 to be held at the Graphaids in Westchester. Mary hails from Laguna Beach where she has her studio and you can see her art work on her web site. If you are interested in taking part in this workshop, contact Sue Kuuskmae.

I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Party held at Janice Sharp’s house and that the year 2010 is a productive one for all of us.

Thank you to Janice for hosting a wonderful BAGSC holiday party, and for all who brought food (wonderful food!), and goodies, and were able to brave the storms to join us. The Agenda below is the original agenda for the meeting. Watch for additional details and stories to be posted.

Agenda for the December 12 Meeting of BAGSC (from Leslie Walker)

  1. Secretary’s Report
  2. Treasurer’s Report
  3. Membership Report

Old Business

  1. BAGSC revised Bylaws
  2. Election Results: Leslie Walker, President, Janice Sharp, Treasurer
  3. Pasadena Home Tour; Jane Herrmann Stairwell Show & Sales
  4. Arboretum Library Show & Sale
  5. Arboretum Marketplace Booth 2010

New Business: Schedule of Events for the Year 2010

Upcoming Classes for 2010 (more classes and details to come)

January 15, 16 & 17:  Margaret Best “It’s not easy making green leaves” class.

February 27:  Sketching at the Aeirie Art Garden in Palm Desert.

March 16 & 17: Plant Morphology with Dick Rauh

March 20: BAGSC Quarterly Meeting with Dick Rauh, President of ASBA

March 30 & 31: Hang show at LA Arboretum Library.

April – 1 Show at LA Arboretum Library Opens.

April 6 or 7 (to be determined): 5 to 7 pm Arboretum Library Show Reception.

April 28 & 29: Set up for the LA Arboretum Marketplace Booth.

April 30: Arboretum Marketplace Booth Show & Sales Opens.

May – 1 & 2: Arboretum Marketplace Booth Show &  Sales.

June 5: BAGSC Quarterly Meeting.

June 30: LA Arboretum Library Show closes.

July / August: Deborah Ravin class in the illustration styles of Beatrix Potter (pen and watercolor).


October 2: BAGSC Meeting, nominations for Vice President, Secretary & Membership Chairman

November: Sasha Viezmenski Mushroom Class.

December 11: BAGSC Meeting / Holiday Party.

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