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by Beth Stone, posted by Deb Shaw

Jesse Meyer, founder of Pergamena, the parchment production extension of his family’s centuries-old tanning and leather business, gave a fascinating talk on the Story of Vellum. Check out their web site at for history, process and product information. TV’s Mike Rowe brought his Dirty Jobs crew to Pergamena for not one but 2 episodes, see YouTube.

What a treat conference goers had today with the opportunity to leaf through and select vellum sheets for purchase…and with show discount prices!

posted by Deb Shaw

There were some amazing portfolios on view; always fun to get right up close and personal to the work, and to be able to talk with the artists. (Photo by Beth Stone of a few cards and handouts.)


On the 20th anniversary of the ASBA, founding member Diane Bouchier gave an inspirational speech during the annual meeting luncheon about the importance of what we do: to ourselves, and to the world around us. (Photo by Gayle Uyehara.)


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