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by Deb Shaw

Margaret Best will have a solo exhibition in Hamilton, Bermuda, entitled Bermuda Botanica. The exhibit will be in the Edinburgh Gallery of the Bermuda Society of Arts, from May 20 – June 7, 2011 and will feature watercolor paintings of plants from Bermuda.

Margaret taught three workshops in 2010 at the Bermuda Society of Arts, and will be teaching more workshops in March of 2011 and a class in association with the show in May/June (please see posting below).

By Diane Daly

The Leatherby Libraries at Chapman University is pleased to invite us to their Annual Book Sale Preview Night on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 from 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Attendees to the Preview Night will have first choice of the numerous books for sale in the upcoming days.  This year, for the first time, we are also pleased to offer ten watercolor framed original botanical/garden paintings. Light refreshments will be served.

RSVP to Laurie Gates at (714) 532-7742 or

by Deborah Shaw

Postcard front for Gloria Whea-Fun Teng's Long Beach show

For those of you who weren't able to attend the last BAGSC meeting, here's a sample from the same printer of the postcard front for Gloria Whea-Fun Teng's Long Beach show. © 2009, Gloria Whea-Fun Teng

BAGSC members have the opportunity to have their artwork printed on promotional artwork postcards at trade prices in conjunction with our show at the LA Arboretum Library. (Please see the call for entries further down on our BAGSC Blog.) The postcards are on heavy white stock, full color on the front, with a full, glossy, varnish on the color side. The back will be printed one color with the information about the LA Arboretum Library show. You may also order your postcards with a blank back, and only your artwork on the front.

Here’s how it works

1. Send your high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) color-corrected scans of your artwork to Deb on or before 2 March, 2010.

2. Include your name as you want it to appear on the postcard front, along with: the name of the painting (please check spelling carefully, what you send is what is printed); the media (if you want to list that); and, the date of the painting for the copyright line. For example, the information that might appear on the front of the card would be:
Deborah Shaw
Arisaema ringens
Watercolor, © 2009, Deborah Shaw

3. Deb will email you a PDF proof of the front and back of your card on or before 8 March. All approvals are due by noon on 9 March, and the postcards will go to the printer.

4. Postcards will be handed out at the BAGSC meeting at Deb’s house on Saturday, 20 March.

Printing specifications and pricing

Final printed size: 4″ x 6″. Your image can be printed in a horizontal or vertical format. The information about the LA Arboretum Library show will be printed in a horizontal format.

Color(s) and varnish: Full color on the front; the color can bleed off four sides of the card if desired. Printing of black-and-white artwork (graphite or pen-and-ink) will still be done on a full color press, and may have the appearance of a slight color tint. The artwork side of the postcard will have a full coating of a high gloss (UV) varnish.

Paper: 14 pt, white card stock, to meet Post Office regulations for mailing.

Optional copy on the back: All of the backs will be printed with the same information about our LA Arboretum Library show and the reception invitation. You can also elect to have no printing on the back (i.e., the back will be blank), but the cost will be the same.

Costs: The cost below includes printing and shipping to Deb’s house. Deb will set up the artwork for the printer at no charge. Orange County sales tax of 8.75% will be added to the amounts below. Checks should be made out to BAGSC, and received by Deb Shaw by 9 March.
100 quantity: $30.00
250 quantity: $35.00
500 quantity: $40.00
1,000 quantity: $45.00
2,500 quantity: $92.00
5,000 quantity: $128.00

Important Dates to Remember:

2 March, 2010: Scans and copy must be in Deb’s hands
8 March, 2010: Deb will email PDF proofs on (or before) this date
9 March, 2010: Approvals must be received by noon (or before) this date, or the postcards will go to print as is and the artist will be obligated to pay the cost
9 March, 2010: Payment must be received
20 March, 2010: Beautiful cards will be handed out at the BAGSC meeting

We’ve had a lot of interest in these postcards. If successful, we’ll repeat this offer several times each year in conjunction with events or exhibits. If you have any questions, please let Deb know.

by Leslie Walker

I have been using American Frame for all my framing needs for more than ten years along with members of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, Southern California Chapter.

Whether ordering online, or by phone, at 1-800-537-0944, it is very easy to obtain a catalog, or  a frame, complete with acid free mat and mounting boards, and acrylic (plexi) glazing. The complete kit is shipped to your home within a week. When you place your order, be sure to tell American Frame you are a member of The Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California. They will then credit BAGSC with a 5 percent rebate on each purchase.

The Basics style frame, AF106 natural & AF112 pecan meet the ASBA standard frame requirements and will also meet the framing requirements for The Arboretum Library Show. To put the artwork and frame together, follow the framing videos on the American Frame site. Use only the two D-ring wire hangers and framing wire; do not use sawtooth hangers. Framing this way is a very simple process and will save you money and take very little time. I suggest you all try it.

Rita at JS workshop

By Suzanne Kuuskmae

Arillyn Moran-Lawrence has two landscapes hanging at the Southern California Artists’ Association gallery show from December 5 – 27. The studio is located at 3251 Laguna Canyon Road, Suite F3, in Laguna Beach, CA.

Julie S. Ljubenkov will teach a class entitled, “Eye on Nature” a beginning watercolor class in the San Diego area from January 21 – March 18 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.  If you are interested, call 858-534-3400 or go online for further information.  Julie also reports that her home is now rebuilt and she is living back on her property. Download her newsletter JulieNewsWinterSpring09-10 to read more.

A three-day workshop in colored pencil was held at the home of Margaret Lindsey this past November. The instructor was John Smolko, a well known artist who uses scribbled lines to produce his award-winning paintings. Several BAGSC members were part of the group:  Joan Reeves, Rita Hopper, Sue Kuuskmae, and Morgan Kari. John painted a large portrait during the three days, which was won by Morgan in a drawing that was held on the final day of classes.

john and his scribble lines

John and his scribble lines. © 2009, J. Smolko

portrait JS

Painting done by John Smolko. © 2009, J. Smolko

Sue at JS workshop

Sue working at the John Smolko Workshop.

The newly formed Pastel Society of Southern California is sponsoring a two-day workshop by artist and teacher, Mary Aslin, on February 26 – 27 to be held at the Graphaids in Westchester. Mary hails from Laguna Beach where she has her studio and you can see her art work on her web site. If you are interested in taking part in this workshop, contact Sue Kuuskmae.

I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Party held at Janice Sharp’s house and that the year 2010 is a productive one for all of us.

Thank you to Janice for hosting a wonderful BAGSC holiday party, and for all who brought food (wonderful food!), and goodies, and were able to brave the storms to join us. The Agenda below is the original agenda for the meeting. Watch for additional details and stories to be posted.

Agenda for the December 12 Meeting of BAGSC (from Leslie Walker)

  1. Secretary’s Report
  2. Treasurer’s Report
  3. Membership Report

Old Business

  1. BAGSC revised Bylaws
  2. Election Results: Leslie Walker, President, Janice Sharp, Treasurer
  3. Pasadena Home Tour; Jane Herrmann Stairwell Show & Sales
  4. Arboretum Library Show & Sale
  5. Arboretum Marketplace Booth 2010

New Business: Schedule of Events for the Year 2010

Upcoming Classes for 2010 (more classes and details to come)

January 15, 16 & 17:  Margaret Best “It’s not easy making green leaves” class.

February 27:  Sketching at the Aeirie Art Garden in Palm Desert.

March 16 & 17: Plant Morphology with Dick Rauh

March 20: BAGSC Quarterly Meeting with Dick Rauh, President of ASBA

March 30 & 31: Hang show at LA Arboretum Library.

April – 1 Show at LA Arboretum Library Opens.

April 6 or 7 (to be determined): 5 to 7 pm Arboretum Library Show Reception.

April 28 & 29: Set up for the LA Arboretum Marketplace Booth.

April 30: Arboretum Marketplace Booth Show & Sales Opens.

May – 1 & 2: Arboretum Marketplace Booth Show &  Sales.

June 5: BAGSC Quarterly Meeting.

June 30: LA Arboretum Library Show closes.

July / August: Deborah Ravin class in the illustration styles of Beatrix Potter (pen and watercolor).


October 2: BAGSC Meeting, nominations for Vice President, Secretary & Membership Chairman

November: Sasha Viezmenski Mushroom Class.

December 11: BAGSC Meeting / Holiday Party.

The October 10th BAGSC Quarterly Meeting will be at Tania Norris’ Home.

9:00    Coffee

9:30    Meeting starts promptly


I.       Welcome members & guests

II.      Secretary’s Report

III.    Treasurer’s Report

IV.     Membership Report

V.      Old Business

A.  BAGSC Revised By-Laws

B.  ASBA Annual Meeting in Tucson, AZ,  October 14-17, 2009

C.  Arboretum Marketplace Booth, 2010

D.  Margaret Best’s Class, Huntington Botanic Garden, July 21, 22, & 23, 2009

VI.    New Business

A.  Thank you to Sue Kuuskmae for putting together a news letter

B.  Jane Herrmann Home tour, Pasadena Symphony Orchestra Benefit Show

C.  Classes,  visitations, excursions & shows in the planning stages for 2010

D.  Akiko Enokido will report on the Florilegium Tea in England and the ASBA New York Horticultural Show, and show the catalog from the NY Hort. Show

E.  Nominations for President & Treasurer to be submitted to the Vice President, Norma Sarkin, in writing by email or from the floor at the meeting

VII.  Program

A.  Kathy Dunham will show how to sketch from camera and pictures.

B.  Please bring any BAGSC records, files or property, or a list showing what you have in your possession,  so we can create an up-to-date inventory.

C. Deborah Shaw & Tania Marien will bring ASBA 2008 conference leftovers to distribute to members.

D.  SWAP MEET: Members should bring art supplies they wish to sell, trade, or give away. Leftovers will be donated to a non-profit children’s organization.

E. Portfolio sharing: As always, portfolios and other learned items are welcomed.

Pot luck lunch will be served. Please bring a small salad, dessert, bread or soda to share; the main dish will be provided by the hostess.  Please RSVP to Tania by phone or email.

Questions: call or email Leslie.

See you there!

By Sue Kuuskmae

President – Margaret Lindsey
1st Vice President – Lynn Attig (Communications/public relations)
2nd Vice President – David Wolfram (Programming/exhibitions)
Secretary – Suzanne Kuuskmae
Treasurer – Bonny Botello

President, Margaret Lindsey, presided over our first meeting  held at the Automatic Printing Co. in Torrance, CA. We all had a chance to introduce our selves and art work to each other and then had a lively discussion about the goals of the group. One of our main concentrations will be to provide art demonstrations at meetings, to have several workshops with teachers of pastel during the year, and to have one show of our pastel work. There were 17 potential members in attendance.  If any of you want to get involved in doing pastel painting, contact Margaret by email.

Our next meeting will be held Saturday, September 19 at Graphaids, 7280 Manchester Blvd., Westchester, 90045.  The demonstrator will be Joe Mancuso who is a local pastel teacher.  If you plan to attend, please let Sue Kuuskmae know.

Get out of the heat and come to the beach, Saturday, July 18, 2009, 10:00 a.m. for the BAGSC meeting at the home of Deb  Shaw.

RSVP by email or phone to Deb.

Lunch will be potluck style, so please let Deb know what you’re bringing. Members are encouraged to form car pools!  The  meeting agenda includes updates on classes and exhibitions.

Come prepared to share your latest work; we want to see your portfolio. Learn about how to automatically be notified of new articles as soon as they’re posted to the blog and how to become a blog editor yourself.

Following the meeting and lunch, we plan to pick Margaret Best up at the airport and visit the Orange County Museum of Art to view Illumination: The Paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, Agnes Pelton, Agnes Martin, and Florence Miller Pierce. Carpools will be available to the Orange County Museum of Art.

Illumination is the first exhibition to bring together the work of these four important American women modernists. O’Keeffe (1887-1986) and Pelton (1881-1961) were born six years apart in the 1880s, while Martin (1912-2004) and Pierce (1918-2007) were born six years apart in the 1910s. All four drew on nature as their primary focus, inspired by arid and spare desert environments.

Thank you, and we hope to see you on July 18th.


I.    Welcome members and guests

II.  President’s Report

III.   Secretary’s Report

IV.  Treasurer’s Report

V.  Membership Report

VI.  Old Business

A.    By-laws
B.    Arboretum Marketplace Booth 2009
C.    Jenny Phillips Class
D.    Kathy Dunham’s sketching class in France

VII.  New Business

A.    Help with Secretary’s duties.
B.    Margaret Best’s Class, Huntington Botanic Garden, July 21, 22 & 23, 2009.
C.    ASBA Meeting  & Classes in Phoenix, AZ, October 12-20, 2009.

VIII. Program

A. Making the most of the newsletter that became a blog
B. Portfolio sharing, and share new materials, tips and techniques
C. Lunch and OCMA Museum

Coffee will be ready at 9:30 am and there will be a Potluck Lunch following the meeting. Directions will be sent out via email blast.

Bonnie Born Ash is exhibiting botanical paintings in watercolor and landscapes in oil at the Thos. Moser Gallery in the Helms building in Culver City. The botanicals were exhibited through April 30th, but her landscape paintings will be up through August.

The Thos. Moser Gallery is located in the historic Helms Bakery Building in Culver City, just west of downtown Los Angeles. The gallery is open Monday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm and Sunday, 11am – 5pm and is located at: 8705 Washington Boulevard (Helms Bakery Building), Culver City, CA 90232, Los Angeles, CA, Phone: 866-708-9816.

Be sure to see Bonnie’s work. Congratulations Bonnie!

Saturday, March 21, 2009, 10:00 a.m. at the home of Kathy Dunham

RSVP by email or phone to Kathy
(she will need a guest list for the entry gate)

Lunch will be potluck style, so please let Kathy know what you’re bringing. Members are encouraged to form car pools!  The  meeting agenda includes updates on classes and exhibition plans. We’ll also be voting to approve revised BAGSC Bylaws – a draft was attached to the email blast announcing the meeting for you to review in advance.

Following the meeting and lunch, we plan to sketch/paint wildflowers in bloom. Thank you, and we hope to see you on March 21.


I.    Welcome members and guests

II.  President’s Report
A.  BAGSC Revised Bylaws
B.  Website and Blog Updates

III.   Secretary’s Report

IV.  Treasurer’s Report

V.  Membership Report

VI.  Old Business

VII.  New Business
A.    Arboretum Marketplace Booth 2009
B.    Brand Library Exhibit Schedule 2011
C.    Additional events anticipated 2009
•    Kathy Dunham’s sketching class in France
•    Jenny Phillips’ class, Huntington Library, March 30-April 3

Next Meeting:  Saturday, July 18, Location TBD

Especially for first-time attendees at the conference, we’ve had some questions about what to wear. Casual is definitely okay. The Silent Auction/Banquet is the most formal of all the activities. The exhibit reception gets a mixed crowd–mostly casual, though. Think of the conference this way:

Thursday Daytime (casual)
Thursday Exhibit Reception (smart casual)
Friday Daytime (casual)
Saturday Daytime (casual)
Saturday Evening Silent Auction/Banquet–more tidy than normal, an opportunity to dress up a bit, either skirts or pants are fine

Don’t forget to check on the weather. It’s been unusually warm this week, but is supposed to start cooling down to 80 and below by Thursday. Even on the warmest days you will need a warm sweater or jacket for our cool evenings in the 60’s.

Here are the two options that I usually use for getting from LAX to the Pasadena area

Super Shuttle
Super Shuttle is a shared van service. You can make a reservation online at or grab one at the airport. After you’ve collected your luggage, follow the ground transportation signs to the median outside and to the orange “Shared Ride Vans” signs. There you can check in with a representative from Super Shuttle. Cost is $31 for first guest and $9 for each additional guest. This is less expensive than taxis or limo services, but takes longer as you will be sharing the ride with others and the van may make several stops on its way to the Pasadena Hilton.

Supreme Shuttle Exclusive
This is a limo service that is more expensive than the shared van, but faster and more convenient, with no extra stops along the way. You can reserve your car by calling (800) 823-8801. The driver will meet you at the baggage area displaying a sign with your name on it. When you call you will need the ZIP code of the Pasadena Hilton, which is 91101. The cost from LAX to the Hilton is $61 for one passenger and $71 for two.
Linda Clingerman

For conference guests and participants who will be here to enjoy our wonderful city, this blog will be a place to start the conversation about what to see and do. First of all, you should know that the Hilton is right across the street from the fully staffed and very helpful Pasadena Convention and Visitors Bureau. Staff from the bureau will also be available on Thursday at the Hilton. We’re here to help you find the best restaurants, museums, golf courses and shopping so post your comments/questions here. And our committee will help you find the best of the Pasadena area–and further afield if you’re ready to brave our freeways.  Linda Clingerman, Visitor and Guest Activities

The Pasadena Visitors Bureau will provide lots of information about restaurants in Pasadena. We also thought it would be fun to share some of our favorites with you. If you’re looking for a certain type of restaurant, leave a comment here and we will put our heads together to come up with some good ideas.

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