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by Deb Shaw

Blick Art Materials Bamboo Gallery Frame. Image courtesy of Blick Art Materials website.

Blick Art Materials Bamboo Gallery Frame. Image courtesy of Blick Art Materials website.

Blick Art Materials is having a sale on a selection of their Bamboo Gallery Frames. Save 60 percent off list price for the 14 x 18, 16 x 20, and 24 x 36 sizes. The 16” x 20” (#18858-­7916) is the frame specified for the upcoming BAGSC exhibition “Capturing the Arboretum: The Art of Botanical Illustration.”

Support ASBA while saving money! Go to the ASBA website > Support Us > Shop Dick Blick and click on the link (or click here: ASBA receives a portion of your purchase price at when you link to their website from ASBA’s.

Questions about BAGSC exhibitions and framing? Contact Janice Sharp.

by Clara Josephs, posted by Deb Shaw

After a healthy discussion at our quarterly meeting this past Saturday, we have come to a decision about framing for the show planned at Chapman University on drought tolerant plants.

Dick Blick Bamboo Gallery Frames

Dick Blick Bamboo Gallery Frames

The frame we will be using for our Chapman exhibit is the Dick Blick Light Bamboo Gallery frame.  Most paintings done on quarter sheets will fit into the 16 x 20 size frame.

If you purchase a pre-cut 16″ x 20″ mat, your matted painting should fit into #18858-7916 bamboo frame. That frame comes with acrylic “glass” and costs $27.50.

The light bamboo frame comes in a range of sizes, from 6″ x 6″ to 30″ x 40″. You may want to decide the final size of your painting when you are planning the composition.

Use the standard wire and D ring hanging system with no saw-tooth or projecting hardware, and a white or off-white mat.

We do not have an exact date set as yet for the show. However, we believe the gallery area will be available to us sometime in early spring, and that we will have room for three to four paintings per member. So, keep working on those paintings! We are hoping to hold several workshops on issues pertinent to portraying drought tolerant plants.

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