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by Bonnie Born Ash, posted by Deb Shaw

The following are the scheduled meeting dates for our BAGSC Quarterly Meetings for 2012. Agendas with programs will be sent out before each meeting. If you have items to put on the agenda, please contact Leslie. A detailed email blast will be sent out to all members with addresses, links to maps and RSVP phone numbers before each meeting. Of course each meeting will also have our usual pot luck contributions and showing of what we’re working on!

March 3, 2012: Deb’s house

May 19, 2012: Pat’s house

August 25, 2012: TBD: Want to volunteer to host a meeting? We have offers, but wanted to throw out the opportunity if a member wanted to host in a place we haven’t been to. Interested? Please contact Leslie.

December 8, 2012: Our annual Holiday Party at Janice’s. Great food, good company, and a mini-show of botanical art and all the different types of work we’re doing.

by BAGSC Board Members, posted by Deb Shaw

BAGSC booth at the LA Arboretum 2010 show.

From L to R: Norma Sarkin, Diane Daly and Cynthia Jackson in the BAGSC booth at the LA Arboretum 2010 show. It looks like this year's BAGSC show will be in Ayres Hall.

The LA Arboretum Garden Show is back! This year, “GROW! A Garden Festival” will be held at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden on May 3, 4, 5 and 6, 2012. In the past few years we’ve been on the green under the canopies, it looks like this year we might be in Ayres Hall.

In addition to our artwork show and sales, “GROW! A Garden Festival” will offer all the wonderful attractions as in year’s past, plus:

  • An introduction to the new “Garden for All Seasons”
  • Exhibits by local sculptors and installation artists
  • Sales of interesting, unique and exotic plants
  • Sales of garden tools and accessories we can’t live without
  • Garden Chats, demonstrations, and meet the experts
  • Let’s Move! hands-on activities for kids and families
  • Entertainment
  • Food trucks and specialty vendors

“GROW! A Garden Festival” will be open to the public on:
Friday, May 4, 2012, Special Evening Hours, 5pm – 8pm (event fee)
Saturday, May 5, 2012, 9am – 4:30 pm, free with admission; members free
Sunday, May 6, 2012, 9am – 4:30 pm, free with admission; members free

Janice Sharp and Norma Sarkin will co-chair the L. A. Arboretum Show, and Pat Mark has agreed to assist. As always, we’ll need lots of volunteers. Watch for more information coming soon and Happy Painting!

by Clara Josephs, posted by Deb Shaw

At our March 3, 2012 BAGSC quarterly meeting at Deb’s house, we will be presenting information about the possibility of another show at Chapman University. This exhibit will have a theme of Drought Tolerant plants. We are working to set a date, but at the moment it looks like the earliest time would be December 2012 or spring of 2013.

Chapman University Dean Charlene Baldwin was so delighted with our previous exhibition, she encouraged us to plan another show and coordinate with the Chapman University Environmental Sciences department.

When we held our show last year, Chapman University Assistant Professor, Dr. Jennifer Funk, an ecologist, was on sabbatical in Woodside, California conducting research at the Jasper Ridge Experimental Station. Her interest is in restoration ecology. Diane Daly, Clara Josephs, and Deb Shaw recently met with Dr. Funk. She explained that restoration is more than putting back the plants that had originally grown in an area, but includes using climate change predictions to identify plants that will thrive in future conditions. Additionally, some California natives might not be hardy in their original locations due to weather shifts.

She is enthusiastic about our plans and will assist with a list of suggested plant specimens, sorted by drought tolerant mechanisms (i.e., waxy leaves, tap root, drought deciduous, etc.), which you will receive at the meeting. The show is not limited to California natives: the exhibition will be open to all drought-tolerant plants from around the world, including the Mediterranean, South Africa, Australia, Mexico, and the deserts.

Plan to come to our March 3 quarterly meeting at Deb’s house for additional information about the show, education about what makes a plant drought tolerant, and help with where you may find or purchase plants. Many of these plants are starting to flower now, so this is the time to plan your paintings!

Penstemon centranthifolius, or Scarlet Bugler

California native, Penstemon centranthifolius, common name "Scarlet Bugler". Photo © 2012 by Deb Shaw

Bring your thoughts and ideas to share about where to see these plants or purchase them. Post special plant sales, nursery locations and gardens in the comments section of this blog article so all BAGSC members can see them. California natives are sold at the Tree of Life Nursery, the Theodore Payne Foundation, and Las Pilitas Nursery. Of course, our favorite gardens, including the Huntington and the LA Arboretum among others, have drought tolerant areas of plants from around the world. There are also nurseries that specialize in Australian and other drought tolerant plants; most nurseries these days have a section labeled “California Friendly” or “Drought Tolerant”. Lots more information will be supplied at the meeting and sent out.

Questions? Contact Clara or Diane.

by Bonnie Born Ash, posted by Deb Shaw

Join us on Saturday, April 28,2012 for a tour of Lotusland!

BAGSC members and significant others are invited to a docent-led tour of Lotusland, the 37-acre historic garden estate of opera singer Madame Ganna Walska in Montecito. The grounds are the home of many large and rare plants, some no longer found in the wild. Leslie has visited many times in the past 30 years and looks forward to enjoying one of Southern California’s jewels again.

The tour begins at 10:00 am and will be approximately two hours. Bring your camera and wear comfortable shoes! Cost of the tour is $35.00 per person. Visit the website to explore the gardens and learn about its colorful history. Advance reservations are required, so you must reserve your place by February 29 to Leslie Walker. Payment is due March 28.

Carpools will be organized to relieve everyone from driving. If there are enough people interested we might look into getting a bus.

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